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You get a mount, and you get a mount, a Heroic Argus Mount!

by Terve, 12 days ago

Hello everyone!

First, big congrats to the Heroic Raid team for downing Heroic Argus, getting the Ahead of the Curve achievement, and the cool mount that comes with it!

Are you interested in the mount and achievement? Keeping with Kumpania tradition, in the near future, we'll be bringing along one non-Heroic raider to each of our Argus kills so they can get the achievement and the time limited mount.

These requirements may change over time as we get more gear, but if you are interested, here is the process to join. Please let me know if you have any questions.

  1. Minimum ilvl is 940
  2. Discord listening required
  3. DBM (or Big Wigs) is required
  4. Experience on LFR or Normal Argus is required
  5. An understanding of the key mechanics (so you don't wipe the raid, but we may just ask you to stand in bad and die :) )


Process to participate:

  1. Meet the above listed requirements
  2. Be available for up to 90 minutes
  3. Sign-up on the in-game if you want to join (typically Thursdays)
  4. At approximately 7:50pm server, I will do invites
  5. We will then all do a /roll and the highest player will join
  6. We may need to kill a boss before we can do an invite, so there may be some downtime before we start, then depending how it goes, there may be a few wipes on Argus


Key mechanics:

  • Phase 1:
    • Ranged players stack on player marked with triangle
    • Melee players stack on player marked with circle
    • If Strength of the Sea is cast on you, run to melee group to drop the orb automatically after 5 seconds
    • If Strength of the Sky is cast on you, run to the ranged group to drop the orb automatically after 5 seconds
    • When Cone of Death is cast, quickly move clockwise to get out of the death fog (move slow and you will die)
    • If Soulblight Orb is cast on you, move backwards of the group, staying on the edge of the death fog.
      • Melee moves in between melee and ranged group
      • Ranged moved behind the ranged group
    • Repeat this pattern until boss reaches 70% and move to the middle
  • Phase 2:
    • Stack beind boss
    • Avoid black lines (but stay close to the group and never in front of boss)
    • If Soulburst is cast on you move out to the right near the red marker on the ground, or towards the back of the room to space out from anyone else who has it. Damage increases if you're within 45 yards of any player
    • If Soulbomb is cast on you, move left to the skull marker and wait, a tank will come stack on you to use an ability to reduce the damage (white circle on ground). If you are not at full heath, you may want to use a defensive CD when the bomb is about to expire.
    • Repeat until boss reaches 40%
  • Phase 3 (add phase):
    • Spreadout and kill adds, focus on adds that have a weakness to your spell/ability types
    • Do not interrupt any cast on an add except Cosmic Beacon (interrupting causes a 20 second interrupt immunity, so key to only interrupt right thing)
    • Keep going until all adds are dead, then all of us die
  • Phase 4:
    • If you ever die, release and run to the tree to get rezed
    • Avoid balls falling from the sky, they will kill you with a nasty stacking dot
    • Kill adds when they spawn -- #1 priority, ranged kill adds in back of the room first
    • Hope you survive until boss dies :)

You can review all the details on all the mechanics on wowhead, and see below for what the mount looks like!

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The "Where in Azeroth is Sofa?" Guild Game Is Back

by SofaCowpies, 18 days ago

Hello my friends,

Sofa Cowpies here and I'm lost again~! Come find me please~! I'm old and my stock of food, water and Depends is running very low~!

Yes folks, by extremely popular demand, here we go again~!

It's time to bring back for the 8th time our All Guild Game named "Where in Azaroth is Sofa?"

It easy to "play" the game that was once featured in a WoW Publication as a news story~!

But it's VERY hard to be the winner... (evil laughter)

All the "CLUES" will be posted ONLY here on the website in one thread, day by day...

Here is the "game" in a nutshell:

1) I "hide" a non-guilded, unknown toon somewhere, ANYWHERE, in World of Warcraft...

*** Except instances or dungeons

2) I give daily "clues" as to my location... You MAKE the same trip or journey that I made to get to my hiding place by ADDING UP the clues...

*** The "clues" are NOT in order~!!! (Important)

3) The "clues" can be ANYTHING, from what I "see" on my trip, a fill in the blanks, a riddle, song lyrics, movie references, ANYTHING that the warped mind of Sofa can come up with...

*** Some "examples" of past game clues are in the 1st reply to this post, just to give a flavor... The winner, the location, the clues, the answers, all there for you to learn from...

4) Daily at 8:00 SERVER TIME I will log into the game and take "guesses" from those playing... YOU CAN ONLY MAKE ONE GUESS PER DAY~! Remember that others who are also playing will be watching your guesses, so be VERY careful not to give away too much of your thought process till you think you are pretty close to "finding" Sofa and solving the game...

5) The "clues" will ONLY be listed here in a new thread named Daily Game Clues~! They will be posted by NOON each day STARTING THIS THURSDAY, the 8th.~!!! ALL the clues will be in the same thread...

6) To make a "Guess" you MUST physically be at the LOCATION of your guess with your toon~! So you say, "Hey Sofa, I want to make a guess"... PLEASE DO NOT GUESS till I call on you... I will ask your location and guess, if I think you are "there" then I will log into the "hidden" secret toon to see if I can ACTUALLY SEE YOU STANDING THERE~!!! I MUST be able to see you in order for you to win... Close does not count... So make sure you are in the location with your toon BEFORE you guess~!!! One final note, I just might pretend to log in on your guess just to throw you off or mislead others... I play dirty~! Remember, only 1 guess per day~!!!

*** Please reread #6 and follow the rules for guessing...

7) If you make a guess and it is wrong I will simply say, NOPE, try again tomorrow... But if you are correct and I see you when I log over, you WIN~!!! Not only bragging rights but a HUGE "GOLDEN" PRIZE~!!!

*** The exact amount is being determined and will be posted later...

So do you get it??? You know how to "play"? This game is VERY popular with our members so you newer folks get INVOLVED, play~!!!

Here are some OLD CLUES from PAST games so you can get a feel for what you up against trying to "know Sofa's warped mind"... DISCLAIMER: Kumpania, it's Staff and Officers are not responsible for required psychiatric help after being immersed in Sofa's mind or possible lowered IQ points~!

In the next post (reply) you will see a FULL past game, clues, answers and how to play...







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About Kumpania
Hello everyone! I’m Terve, Guild Master of Kumpania.

I’ve had the honor of being part of this guild for many years and watching it grow along with the game itself.

Kumpania was founded in early 2006 by a group of friends and burnt-out hardcore raiders. We were formed for the sole purpose of providing a place where people come, be themselves, and enjoy the game on their own terms!  We’re the oldest horde guild on the server and one of the oldest active guilds in all of World of Warcraft! That’s a pretty amazing feat in today’s online environment!

Over the years, we’ve grown from that small core group of people to one of the most active guilds on Turalyon with all types of people. We have the altoholics, the social butterflies, the raiders, the PVPers, the zookeepers, the achievement crew, and many others!

We’ve survived and prospered over the years because we do not pressure people to conform to a mold, but let players have fun in a drama-free environment. If there’s only one rule in Kumpania, its leave the drama at home. We all come to play this game, to have fun, and enjoy our playtime as an online family!

There have been many great officers and leaders over the previous 10 years who have made Kumpania what it is today. But the truth is, we’ve flourished over the years because of the members, because of everyone here. It’s not one person or a group of officers that makes Kumpania strong. It’s every single member – so THANK YOU!

My promise to every member of Kumpania is to stick to our core values: have fun, no drama, be yourself. This has been our motto since day 1… here’s to another 10 years of Kumpania!

I think Sofa Cowpies, our previous GM and founder said it best “Plain and simple, we all just want to hang out, play WOW and have FUN with our friends. This IS a game! Please come and join us if you are looking for a TRUE GAMING HOME, TRUE FRIENDS and a REAL CASUAL WOW experience.”

If you are new or interested in joining Kumpania, feel free to apply online, speak with any officer in game, or contact me directly – Terve#1635.

For the Horde!
Terve, GM of Kumpania
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