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Kumpania Holiday Party - Sunday, December 16th, 9pm server!

by Terve, 8 days ago

The holiday season is upon us and as in years past, we want to get together, hang out, tell some stories, exchange some gifts, and have a great time!

So if you're new and not sure what its about, let me give you some background on our tradition. On December 16th at 9pm, we'll gather at a yet to be disclosed location and start summoning people. Over the past few years, its turned into a bit of a game, can you find the location of the holiday party before the summons begin! :)

Once we're gathered, we'll check out everyone's transmog, or Santa suits, or in the cases of some... their birthday suits... After everyone's retinas are sufficiently burned, we tell a few quick words about the guild and some highlights of what we do for the new people.

Then the gift exchange begins! We ask that everyone please send in a gift of some sort prior to the party. It can be a mount, a pet, a silly gift, a bag, some useful items like flasks, etc. The officers will wrap these gifts and place them in their bags in a random order before the party starts. We'll then do a /roll - highest roller comes up and gets the gift from that spot! It could be gold, it could be a pet, it could be some coal, you never know! :)

We go around until everyone gets a gift, and then its open for exchanging. Sometimes you may get a duplicate pet, or mount, or not need a bag, and we trade them around. Maybe even find someone to trade that coal to!!

It's really a great time and a wonderful tradition and we're so excited to have everyone part of it this year!

So in summary:

  1. Send an unwrapped gift (pet, mount, silly gift, bag, useful items, crafting materials, gems, gold, coal, etc) to myself or an officer. It doesn't need to be expensive, but there's usually something sitting in your bank and this is a great time to re-gift or make others happy! :)
  2. Test discord to ensure it works and put it on push to talk (holiday channel)
  3. Party starts at 9pm, but please arrive 10-15 minutes earlier to get a summons.  If you're really early, come try to find us!
  4. Have fun and enjoy the party. It's a great time to see everyone, hang out in discord, and see how awesome the guild is!

Looking forward to seeing everyone! 

~ Terve

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Kumpania Guild Store is now LIVE!

by _Roethke_, 15 days ago

The Kumpania Guild Market is now live! The idea started with the design of a symbol that incorporated Kumpania's ideals, the Romani heritage of our namesake, and Horde iconography. It evolved into a way to provide Kumpania family members with a way to show their guild pride while supporting both the guild and charitable efforts. Enjoy and tell us what you think!

Kumpania Guild Market


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About Kumpania
Hello everyone! I’m Terve, Guild Master of Kumpania.

I’ve had the honor of being part of this guild for many years and watching it grow along with the game itself.

Kumpania was founded in early 2006 by a group of friends and burnt-out hardcore raiders. We were formed for the sole purpose of providing a place where people come, be themselves, and enjoy the game on their own terms!  We’re the oldest horde guild on the server and one of the oldest active guilds in all of World of Warcraft! That’s a pretty amazing feat in today’s online environment!

Over the years, we’ve grown from that small core group of people to one of the most active guilds on Turalyon with all types of people. We have the altoholics, the social butterflies, the raiders, the PVPers, the zookeepers, the achievement crew, and many others!

We’ve survived and prospered over the years because we do not pressure people to conform to a mold, but let players have fun in a drama-free environment. If there’s only one rule in Kumpania, its leave the drama at home. We all come to play this game, to have fun, and enjoy our playtime as an online family!

There have been many great officers and leaders over the previous 10 years who have made Kumpania what it is today. But the truth is, we’ve flourished over the years because of the members, because of everyone here. It’s not one person or a group of officers that makes Kumpania strong. It’s every single member – so THANK YOU!

My promise to every member of Kumpania is to stick to our core values: have fun, no drama, be yourself. This has been our motto since day 1… here’s to another 10 years of Kumpania!

I think Sofa Cowpies, our previous GM and founder said it best “Plain and simple, we all just want to hang out, play WOW and have FUN with our friends. This IS a game! Please come and join us if you are looking for a TRUE GAMING HOME, TRUE FRIENDS and a REAL CASUAL WOW experience.”

If you are new or interested in joining Kumpania, feel free to apply online, speak with any officer in game, or contact me directly – Terve#1635.

For the Horde!
Terve, GM of Kumpania
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